You might be an animal lover but cannot adopt one in real life. Or you might have fallen in love with a certain dog which is not a good fit for you.

That is why we offer the possibility to Virtually Adopt a dog. This means that you will support your pet but the animal stays with us until it is really adopted. You would pay for their maintenance (food, medical care) and we will take care of them on a daily basis.

To support a pet will make you a foster parent, and you can come to see them whenever you want, can call us anytime to know how they are getting on, and we can even take photos for you.

You can choose one of the dogs in the Our Dog section and just get in contact with us via email at


The quota to be a foster parent is around 10 Euros per month or 100 euros per year. You can adopt a dog for as long as you prefer, there are no limit of time.

You can do the payment using our bank details, adding in the note that you are virtually adopting a dog and which dog. Yo can find the details on the Support us page.

Or if it’s easier, you can make the payment using the PayPal button, just adding the amount you want to pay and the reason “Virtual adoption of XXX”

We are a no profit charity, so any donation can be deducted in your tax return. Please send us an email for any info.